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Premier Cruises recommends that you Travel With Confidence. 

How does travel protection work?

Premier Cruises adamantly recommends the best travel insurance protection plan through our partnership with Travel Guard Insurance. When common travel problems like flight delays, travel injuries and illnesses, unpredictable weather and lost or stolen luggage occur you will be so thankful that you chose wisely. 


Have you asked yourself “Whats the Plan?” You’ve taken the time to plan and book your trip, but did you plan for everything? An unexpected change in plans could break the bank. 


So, when things go wrong, “What's the Plan?”

Here is are some things that we at Premier Cruises are all too familiar with. 

  • Interior Staterooms
    Interior 4V - $799 Interior 1V - $899 Interior 3V - $899 Interior 6V - $999 Interior 2V - $999 Spacious Interior 1R - $1099
  • Ocean View Staterooms
    Ocean View 1N - $1299 Ocean View 3N - $1399 Ocean View 6N - $1399 Ocean View 2N - $1599 Spacious Ocean View 1M - $1499 Ultra Spacious Ocean View 1K - $1599
  • Balcony Staterooms
    Spacious Ocean View Balcony 3B - $1799 Spacious Ocean View Balcony 1B - $1999
  • Suites
    Junior Suite w/Balcony J3 - $2299 Grand Suite w/Balcony GS - $3499 Grand Suite w/Balcony GT - $3499 Owner’s Suite w/Balcony OS - $3799 Royal Suite w/Balcony RS - $3999

The extensive portfolio of Travel Guard travel insurance and assistance plans help Premier Cruise travelers solve problems and manage risk worldwide. 




When you trust one of the plans for the travel insurance coverage and assistance services you need away from home, you can travel with confidence. Some plans even include coverage for children at no additional costs!




Virtually anywhere you travel, in the event of a medical emergency, security issue or unexpected travel problem, Travel Guard is never more than a phone call away.


This is a summary only containing highlights of the plan. We know you might have questions about what is and is not covered so we encourage you to speak with Travel Guard asap.


To register, or find out more, you can download a policy of insurance by clicking here.


You can also purchase a policy by calling 800-826-1300 and mentioning “Premier” or “132517” for our best coverages and partnership offerings.


Travel Guard is an independent Travel Insurance Agency.

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